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5 generations of builders. 150 years of knowledge. 1 shared vision

When building or renovating your seasonal home, nothing is more important than working with a builder you can trust with your vision.

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Behind The Gonneau Building Group are skilled trades professionals who are dreamers as much as doers. We have high standards when it comes to a build's technical and structural aspects because we want the work done right. But we also bring a creative side that understands how a home is far more than a structure.

It’s a feeling that puts you at ease. A place where memories are made.

We have the expertise to complete your build from beginning to end while holding true to your vision. You can count on us to be a knowledgeable partner who works with you through it all, from big decisions to small details.

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Built on a legacy

As a licensed professional engineer and a fifth-generation builder, my love and passion for the industry began in Muskoka.

I learned the basics of construction working alongside my grandfather, father, and uncles as they built and renovated various summer estates throughout the District. It was my great-grandfather Alexander Gonneau who started crafting cottages in Muskoka. His carpentry work can still be found at the beautiful St. John the Baptist Church on Lake Rosseau, at Morinus.

We achieve the greatest outcomes when people share a vision and work together to achieve it. Our team hopes to work with you to bring your vision to this beautiful community we all love.

Eric Gonneau,
President and CEO

Every successful project begins with a conversation

We want to hear about your ideas.

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Let's build something great together